Astragal bars

In place of glazing bars, sizes from 35 mm. Applied to the window both inside and out, keeping the glass intact. It should be noted that these solutions reduce air/water/wind sealing performance levels.

Strip on the central stile (zero entry)

On the central stile of a window with two or more leafs, a special solution can be chosen to make it possible to see the stile between two symmetrical leaves from inside the room: the effect is obtained by applying a wooden strip.

Glazing bars

Special insertion of 60-80 cm glazing bars in the leaves, causing a break in the glass where required to create special shapes and patterns.
Fitting to order. It should be noted that these aesthetic solutions reduce the thermal and acoustic performance of the window.

Mosquito nets


Casing frames

Used to complete installation of the windows. Supplied on request, they are available in the following sizes: 35x10; 55x10; 80x10.

Internal shutters

Upon request, shutters can be applied on the indoor side of the window.

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