How we work

The technical quality of timber window frames is partly the result of cutting-edge technology, which is an essential aspect of Danese production. The greater the technical understanding of the product, the greater the technological evolution will be. Wind, rain, noise, and heat loss: these are the factors that constitute the technical quality of a window.

The design of a fixture requires in-depth knowledge of what is needed to ensure that each product is perfect. With its superb design of the basic systems and continuous synergy between research and experience, DANESE is capable of perfecting every detail, right from the design phase, and guaranteeing every aspect of the fixture.

DANESE uses advanced high-precision systems and technologies with constant quality control for the manufacture of its doors and windows. As soon as the wood and other raw materials enter the company, they are subjected to a series of tests to make sure they are ideal for use. Only materials that pass the acceptance inspections can enter the production cycle.

Subsequent processing, such as cutting, planing, tenoning and profiling, is carried out by a single automatic system, which ensures that the structure of every fixture is perfect. After being sanded and fitted with its metal elements, the fixture is ready for the final inspection to ensure absolute efficiency and functionality. Frequent tests, carried out by independent laboratories in accordance with European standards, make sure that technical specifications are fully met.

This is the value of a product like no other.

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