The woods

Danish selects not only the best species of timber, but selects only woods from suppliers engaged in international forest reforestation programs, thus contributing to reforestation and environmental protection.
All Danish windows are made of solid wood or lamellar of first quality, perfectly dried and controlled at the origin to ensure a durability of decades.


Economic wood, soft, light and with low mechanical characteristics. Due to its low resistance to mold, insects and atmospheric agents it must be protected with adequate surface treatment.
It is however very stable, and well workable. It is the ideal material for bio-architecture, respect for the environment, the most environmentally friendly and energy-saving buildings with increased thicknesses.

Pine tree

Slowly growing resinous wood, is one of the most suitable materials for the construction of windows, because it combines physical and mechanical characteristics of all respect and ease of processing, with equally satisfying aesthetic results, and this without being too expensive.


North American conifer, with similar characteristics to fir and therefore low mechanical and durability characteristics and good stability, but practically without resin, which makes it particularly suitable for white or pastel lacquering. Its fragility can give rise to occasional chipping.


Precious wood, compact and sturdy, stable and with good resistance to atmospheric agents, ideal for the production of medium / high-end exterior doors and windows. Appearance characterized by medium-fine grain texture often uneven. Brown-reddish general appearance.


It is the ideal choice for those who want luxury in addition to technical performance. Also for the window.
Precious hard wood of excellent mechanical strength and exceptional durability even without treatments, excellent resistance to attack by molds and insects. Unmistakable appearance characterized by the beautiful grain with "open pore" surface.


Wood suitable for medium-sized windows, stable, with good resistance to atmospheric agents and good mechanical resistance.
It has a coarse and irregular texture and open-pore surface
The most valuable quality is the red Meranti and is often used as a substitute for the Mahogany.
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