68x80 frame section and 68 mm door: door made with a single high quality certified insulated panel which, thanks to its particular structure and the use of multilayer panels, guarantees excellent stability and durability over time. Inside a layer of compressed natural cork, very high performance, ensures excellent thermal insulation, a substantial noise reduction and at the same time lightness of the finished product. An aluminum sheet gives further stability, avoiding any distortion in the presence of sudden changes in temperature.

It is possible to create in the lighting panel of the most different shapes. It is possible to realize: through holes with double glazing fixed with double glazing bead (inside and outside) and holes with glass stop and glass stop only on the inside. This solution is however recommended only for lacquered or opaque finishes.

It is possible to realize surface milling on the panel according to the customer's drawing and taste.

Section 68: 28 mm double glazing. To ensure greater thermal insulation and greater safety, we apply a laminated glass internal / external b and with argon tested in P2A class according to EN356 for protection against vandalism and burglary. Satinised, printed and decorated glasses available on request.


Available in various models CUSTOMIZED ON DRAWING.

Fir Wood

An economic, lightweight softwood, with reduced mechanical properties.

Since it has low resistance to mould, insects and to exposure to the weather, it requires suitable surface treatment. It is nevertheless very stable and easy to process.

It is the ideal material for bio-architecture, care of the environment and for more eco-friendly buildings with high levels of energy savings and greater thicknesses.

Larch Wood

A high-value, compact, robust, stable wood with good resistance to the effects of weather, ideal for external doors and windows in the medium to high product range.

The veining is medium-fine, often irregular, with an overall reddish-brown appearance

Oak Wood

The ideal choice for those who want a touch of luxury together with top technical performance for their windows too.

A highly prized, very hard wood with excellent mechanical resistance and exceptional durability even when untreated.

Its resistance to mould and insects is excellent. Its beautiful veining and open-pore surface give it an unmistakable look.


A wood suitable for middle-of-the-range doors and windows, stable, with good resistance to atmospheric agents and moderate mechanical resistance.

The grain is coarse and irregular, with an open-pore surface.

The most prized variety is red Meranti, which is often used in place of mahogany.

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