Self-locking security lock

In the doors an automatic lock is applied, which when the door closes on the frame, automatically sends all the closing points in place (three latches, two hooks and the outlet), thanks to the central magnet.

Electric lock

The lock is the same with the motor applied.
The closure is completely mechanical, while the opening is driven by a motor mounted on the lock rod.
The Danish doors with SELF-LOCKING lock are always locked. When the magnet is aligned with the twin component mounted on the leaf, it instantly triggers all the closing points.


Threshold to floor made with thermal break with a height of 20 mm, does not therefore constitute an architectural barrier.
The Danish doors have been tested with the floor door, which is essential for keeping air, water and wind.


Heavy duty hinges, model SFS EASY 3D, are applied to the front doors.
The very high resistance to corrosion, the presence of the safety screw on all the hinges and the wide range of colors available make it possible to give the door a unique and valuable appearance.
Available in colors:


A basic brass cylinder is fitted as standard in the door.
On request, for a greater security it is possible to apply a SAFETY CYLINDER WITH POMOLO and the DEFENDER STUD.

Draught excluder

Another possible solution for those who do not like the application of a floor barrier is the parafreddo bar.
Those who choose the parafreddo, however, must agree not to get the maximum thermal performance from their front door. This choice is in fact not certified.


Wide range of handles available on our door catalog.

Casing frames

Used to complete installation of the windows. Supplied on request, they are available in the following sizes: 35x10; 55x10; 80x10.

Glazing bars

Special insertion of 60-80 cm glazing bars in the leaves, causing a break in the glass where required to create special shapes and patterns.
Fitting to order. It should be noted that these aesthetic solutions reduce the thermal and acoustic performance of the window.

Traditional ashlar panel / panel with insulation

The embossed panels used in the entrance doors are exclusively OISOLUMUS multi-layered panels with phenolic gluing coated in the desired woods.
The insulation of the panel allows the door to obtain excellent values of thermal and acoustic insulation.
Different types of panel can be used that give different aesthetics and design.
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